Hey, I'm Karen

I help lawyers prevent and overcome burnout so that you can thrive and be happy again.

I'm a lawyer and a certified coach who fell out of love with the practice of law and has successfully recovered from burnout.

As a lawyer, I understand what you're going through, and I can help you navigate fears and obstacles that come up for you.

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My Values

Value One: Integrity

I bring a strong code of ethics to my coaching practice. As an attorney, I feel it's important to be honest with my clients, and I hold myself to the highest standards.


Value Two: Open Mindedness

Coaching is a place where everyone is welcome and free to be who they truly are. I treat all clients with respect, and our sessions are 100% judgment free. 

Value Three: Trust

Our sessions are completely confidential. I will never discuss what happens in our sessions without your permission.


Start Setting Better Boundaries Today

One of the easiest steps you can take to start taking care of yourself is to learn how to set boundaries.

My promise to You

I promise to help attorneys prevent and overcome burnout by showing you how to:

Balance Your Nervous System 

When you're in burnout, your body doesn't feel safe. It doesn't know whether it should be in fight, flight or freeze. I'll show you some techniques to help get you to a better state.

Understand What's Keeping You Stuck

Once your body understands that it's in a safe place, we'll talk about what's happening in your subconscious that's keeping spinning in stress.

Make Better Decisions

Overwhelmed people usually have a hard time making decisions. I'll show you some tools to help you be more intentional and decisive. 

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I'm Here to Support You

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