Hey, I'm Karen McClure

I'm a lawyer, a mom of two boys, dog mom, cat mom, and a certified lawyer burnout coach.

I live with my family outside of Birmingham, Alabama. I've grown to love it here, even though all I wanted as a teenager was to leave.

I went to law school in 2003 because I had an English degree, a Women's Studies minor, and no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I've practiced law since 2006, and I've been running a law firm with my husband since 2013. It was my dad's practice before he passed away that year.

My dad was my mentor, and he taught me that the only way to succeed was to work harder. He worked right up until he died, and I vowed that my life wouldn't look like that.

It wasn't long after we started running the practice that I burned out.

I remember what it feels like to want to stay home because you feel so anxious about going into work but then the only way you know how to deal with that anxiety is to just keep going.

I lost sleep and gained weight.

I tried desperately to get myself out of it, but the only way I found to overcome burnout was to work with a coach

And, that was when I found my calling. I knew I needed to get certified, so I could help other lawyers who are going through what I went through.

I'm here to help you. 

If you're feeling drained, anxious, and hopeless when it comes to your practice and your life, we can talk about how to get you out of it.

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My promise to You

I promise to help attorneys prevent and overcome burnout by showing you how to:

Feel Less Stressed 

Stress is a part of being a lawyer, but it doesn't have to rule your life. I'll show you how to deal with the things that cause you stress so that you feel better and don't bring it home to your family.

Manage Your Time

One of the biggest issues affecting lawyers is how to get everything done in a short about of time. When we feel like there's too much to do, it causes our body to and brain that we always have to be in panic mode. I'll show you some time management techniques that will allow you to leave work at work and be more present with your loved ones.

Make & Stick to Boundaries

If you struggle with leaving work at home, or you're tired of dealing with client calls and texts when you're trying to enjoy yourself, I'm here to teach you what a proper boundary is and how it can change your life.

My Values

Value One: Integrity

I bring a strong code of ethics to my coaching practice. As an attorney, I feel it's important to be honest with my clients, and I hold myself to the highest standards.


Value Two: Open Mindedness

Coaching is a place where everyone is welcome and free to be who they truly are. I treat all clients with respect, and our sessions are 100% judgment free. 

Value Three: Trust

Our sessions are completely confidential. I will never discuss what happens in our sessions without your permission.


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You don't have to live with the constant anxiety and overwhelm of burnout - Let me help you overcome it.

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