You thought being a lawyer was going to be like Ally McBeal...

In reality, it looks like...

Unbelievably long hours

Arm-chair attorneys who think their Google search is more accurate than your law degree

Unpredictable schedules that lead to lack of time with family

Not to mention tons of debt from law school

I’ll help you create time freedom and make more money so that you can love being a lawyer again.

My clients are small firm lawyers who are:



👉Committed to long-term change

👉OK with someone who cusses and is sarcastic

👉A little weird

If that's you, here's how we can start working together to start creating more time, money and a renewed love for being a lawyer.

A little about me...

I started practicing law in 2006 after my degrees in English and Women's Studies didn't push me down any particular career path.

I fell out of love with the practice when I realized it didn't look anything like I thought it would when I first decided to go to law school.

I started coaching after I learned how much it can help people who are tired of hustling and want more time and more money.

As a lawyer, I understand what you're going through, and I can help you navigate fears and obstacles that come up for you.